Since December 2010, HomeCast has been bringing the PlayStation Home community what’s new and notable through the Community Theater. Every two weeks, host HearItWow looks at the latest releases, offering a mix of personal space and item previews, tips for beating games and advice on where to find the latest free items.

HomeCast: Mercia and Cutthroats

HomeCast returns with a new episode, this time focusing in on Mercia and Cutthroats!


HomeCast for Sept 8th 2012

After a hiatus, the HomeCast is back! So, what happened in the downtime? And what’s in store for in this episode? New producer, Sue, tells us.


HomeCast for June 20, 2012

What’s in this episode: E3 Wrapup | Mercia | Home Tycoon | My Personal Hideaway Preview | Fossil Digging Tips | Nightlife Lounge Preview | DiscoBot | Mayan Costumes | Raver Costumes | Paradise Springs Roulette | Defeat Brinsop Game This episode offers an interesting balance between what Home gets right and where Home goes […]


HomeCast for June 6, 2012

What’s in this episode: Midway 3 Tips | Lockwood Kaleidoscope Collection | ULove Green Collection | MIB Reward Locations | New Novus Prime Gear A HomeStation Magazine exclusive, this episode was meant to run on June 6 in the Community Theater, but never quite made its way there. It probably would have been completely overlooked […]


HomeCast for May 23, 2012

What’s in this episode: 1.65 Update | Bowling Update | Superhero Madhouse | Silent Hill Personal Space Preview | Fourthstar Outfits | Paradise Springs Casino Update | Lockwood Photo Props | New Granzella Shooting Gallery Rewards | Formal Dresses | Way too much use of the word, “Guy” Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up […]


The Welcome Home Video that Almost Was

What if there was an instructional video that taught new users the basics of PlayStation Home?

…Well, there was. Sort of.

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