You’re Invited To An HSM Party

by NorseGamer, HSM Publisher

I’ve often found Sam Parker’s “Give More” concept of being 212 fascinating:

“”At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one extra degree makes all the difference.”

The general message, of course, is to push things just one more degree — that the extra effort, right when you think things are hot enough, is a tipping point that yields unimaginably greater results.

It is a philosophy which HomeStation subscribes to as a publication and as a team. I will say with great confidence that there is no other Home media group which asks for so much consistent output from so many people. But that’s frankly what it takes to succeed at nearly anything worthwhile in life: are you willing to work harder, longer and better than the other guy? Is something so important to you that you’re willing to take it to that level?

steam-powerMany walk away. Some stay in it, and perhaps even get to 211 degrees. But there are very few — both within the Home media scene and beyond — who choose to go to 212. The difference may be only one degree…but that one degree makes all the difference.

HomeStation has operated at two-twelve for three years. No, we’re not the oldest Home fansite out there. We’re not the largest, either (that accolade goes to AlphaZone 4, because Cubehouse exemplifies what it means to be 212). Nor are we a site which panders to the lowest common denominator or artificially inflates its traffic numbers. We are, however, a site which found an untapped need within the Home consumer base, and set out to fulfill that need better than anyone else could.

And we were willing to go to 212. We were willing to give more.

The end result is what you now see: a Home media group which now has more user-generated content — both articles and machinima — published in Home itself than anyone else out there.

As a publication, we have now achieved our primary goal. And, in so doing, we hope we have served as a beacon of inspiration: that others may be driven to give more back to the community themselves, and in so doing achieve something greater through such service.

But what is the value of achievement without taking a moment to enjoy it? After all, we’re an all-volunteer team; it has to be fun, or it ain’t worth it.

fun-and-games2So let’s have some fun. Let’s party.

This Saturday, September 28th, at 9PM Eastern, Team HomeStation is going to party at the Sodium Hub.

HSM doesn’t throw many parties. Our team skews older than the average Home group; we’re all working adults with lives and careers, spread out from Hawaii to Europe, so it’s incredibly challenging to find time for a social get-together. But, like anything else, we choose to make time for the things that are important. And this is important.

It’s important because for all of the successes HSM has realized both as a team and individually for its various contributors, the core magic of Home hasn’t changed since it first opened its doors: the simple joy of hanging out and socializing. And it’s time to enjoy that again, now more than ever, because this publication is by the community and for the community, and it is those shared moments we all enjoy together that makes Home worth returning to.

So we’re celebrating. And we hope you’ll join us. See you there!

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NorseGamer is the product manager for LOOT Entertainment at Sony Pictures, as well as the founder and publisher of HomeStation Magazine. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and presently lives in Los Angeles. All opinions expressed in HSM are solely his and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sony DADC.

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  1. KrazyFace says:

    I’ll have have to keep my eye on you ‘murikanz on my list then, coz I need to touch-base with a lot of you again very soon.

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