What’s Cooking This Week with Lockwood

by Terra_Cide, HSM Managing Editor

How can we tell when a Home product – or product line – is doing well?

Let’s use a non-Home product as an example. When Apple decided to introduce the “i” nomenclature with the 1998 debut of the iMac all-in-one personal computer, little did anyone imagine the magnitude which it would take the world by storm. Nearly fifteen years later, everywhere you look there’s an iSomething, leading Apple into its second renaissance and the mass adoption of mobile technology worldwide.

In Home, there are products who have a similar, widespread influence and adoption. Lockwood and Granzella both enjoy widespread influence and adoption, both with their games and fashions. Games like Aurora and Novus Prime too enjoy a loyal following, long after their debuts. And lest we forget, the influence of Xi – although no longer a playable game – is still being felt throughout the community, nearly four years after its debut.

But what about a Home developer who has more than one distinctive product line?

Lockwood’s Sodium universe is largely considered the most successful game in Home that is still available to play today. And while they have moved on to other projects – their Figment “Dream” world, Mercia, and their various fashion and furniture lines – their latest endeavor, Uproar, has been receiving a quiet but strong following.

The proof? Look at the latest update its receiving.

This week, Uproar is receiving its very first update. The first collection of fashions and weapons since its debut – called “Oh Snap!” The clothing in this first collection are a definite departure from what Uproar originally debuted with, which reflected a more urban “gangsta” look. On top of that, the level cap has been raised on the game itself, a first for any of Lockwood’s games. A level increase has been the main request of all of Lockwood’s games, and this is the first to receive such a thing.

As a genre, shooter games are largely the most popular of this gaming generation, and though there are plenty of disc-based games in this genre, the fact that Lockwood is adding more to the game so soon after its debut shows that Uproar is holding its own.

Lockwood’s Iron Fusion line is getting another update this week too. When Lockwood’s transforming robot suits came out, they quickly became the darling of machinima makers as a means to take one’s avatar out of a scene shot. However there were those that balked at their ten dollar price tag. However, as we’ve seen from the aforementioned Apple example, all innovation comes with a price. And when it is welcomed, we get rewarded with more variety. The Panthabots are that variety.

With the bulk of Home swept up in the craze of new mobility features, being able to transform one’s avatar completely while in motion is sure to continue to be a hit. I mean, come on: robot cats? Isn’t that the combination of two of the internet’s favorite things? I’ll be surprised if Home doesn’t explode just a little bit.

Those who have early access to x7 will also have access to Lockwood’s newest “Attitude” male hairstyles. While they may not be suited to the taste of those who have more conservative fashion styles, it’s fair to assume that they will be a hit among the younger Home users.

Lockwood hasn’t forgotten about American Thanksgiving this year, either. In the Gift Machine, there will be turkey heads available to gift to your friends. That’s right. You can wear an entire ready-to-be roasted turkey – right where your head ought to be. No, I don’t pretend to get it, either. Perhaps this is just a little UK humor towards us food-obsessed Americans? It’s not impossible.

This update has shown us that Lockwood can provide us with a wide range of products, each with their own distinctive branding, and still be successful. It also shows that Home is a place where “one size fits all” in terms of taste – in video games, and in aesthetics – does not apply. And those that can cater to those myriad of tastes will do quite well.

November 13th, 2012 by | 3 comments
Terra _Cide is the former Community Manager for Lockwood Publishing and Editor Emeritus for HomeStation Magazine.



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3 Responses to “What’s Cooking This Week with Lockwood”

  1. InSight_2k says:

    I guess it’s time to play Uproar more frequently. :)

  2. Burbie52 says:

    I can do without the turkey head, we still have those silly hats they gave us as rewards a few years ago. I do like the look of the newer outfits for Uproar though, very Clockwork Orange looking to me, especially the guys top hat. Good to see them branching out there. The panther suits have cool animations and I am sure we will see a lot of those running around Home right away. Go Lockwood!!

  3. riff says:

    Woot! Cool Clothing. I always did like British Fashion. Move over Vivienne Westwood- There is a new game in town :) Very Punk Rock on the hat and mini… I think I could really Punk Rock that look!

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