Twilight Touch Explores Lockwood’s Dream Island

by Jin Lovelace, HSM filmmaker

This is a presentation of the Dream Island fashion catalogue and furnishings, featuring commodities created by Lockwood Publishing Ltd.

Like the Dream Yacht, this luxurious personal space is very spacious and creates some diverse options. However, this is probably the biggest personal estate in Home, and due to the current limitations on furniture items, I wasn’t able to film the rest of the island. The aesthetics are amazing; Lockwood is to be commended for creating such a breathtaking estate. The limitations of Home itself are to blame.

You can purchase the Space itself for $7.99 or the full bundle for $10.99, which comes complete with furniture that you can use (this will be covered later in our Twilight Touch blog review). The video here is to merely showcase my custom furnishing of the space, as well as show off the outstanding fashions that Lockwood came up with.

The Dream and Desert Islander outfits are great if you desire something very fitting with the setting of said space. The aesthetics for the Dream Islander bundle (which is for $3.99) are quite robust; it comes with two outfits rather than the Desert Islander Designer Pack (also $3.99). The hairstyle, however, redeems this pack, despite my lack of personal preference for the bundle.

The song featured is also chosen for a specific reason. The name alone, aside from being the name of the group I serve, signifies a serene theme to our fashions and provide an easy listening to the viewers, instead of the trendy tones you hear that are often incongruously coupled with Home machinima. Music selection is important; it sets the mood and the tempo of the presentation, and has to fit with the visuals you’re trying to convey.

Many thanks to my co-producer, Hai Lun Xie, as well as Cristal Clare and Ruby Princess for their invaluable modeling. And, of course, HomeStation, for supporting, publishing and promoting these fashion forays. I hope you enjoy the presentation.

November 6th, 2012 by | 4 comments
Jin Lovelace is a machinimist and team writer for HomeStation Magazine, as well as the founder of Twilight Touch Inc. -- and When not found in PlayStation Home, Jin studies graphic design and illustration (character design and fashion), gaming, and the culinary arts.



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4 Responses to “Twilight Touch Explores Lockwood’s Dream Island”

  1. That was nice, something worthwhile to wake up to. The filming and mood music are pleasant. I suppose when it comes to living places, clothes, music and the list goes on, it’s all a matter of taste. Put together well, this struck my fancy.

  2. boxer_lady says:

    As always, I love your videos! Mucho love! Lol. Keep up the good work!

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