The Dress Connection: Granzella’s Qipao and Muumuu Dresses

by Jin Lovelace, HSM filmmaker 

BONZO’s article on how Zoot Suits are more than just suits — expanding beyond the fashion itself by exploring its history — helped inspiration this presentation of the Mandarin (Qipao) and the Muumuu Dresses by Granzella.

To my understanding, not many are aware of how certain items bring true cultural experience to the Home community. One fine example is how most would traverse over to other regional Home servers to enjoy such items, with Japan being the primary example. This has been a common practice for many, and something that I haven’t gotten into myself quite yet. Most of the items released there I anticipate to be brought over to the North American region at some point in the future.

Such has been the case with the Mandarin and Muumuu Dresses on Home. I didn’t get the chance to spend any money over in Japan simply because I preferred to wait for the SCEA release, and it was very well worth it.

These stunning dresses have a great connection and history behind each detail laced within the gowns. Be it from the high social, upper-class motif of the Qipao (Mandarin Gown), or the subtle nature of the Muumuu Dress, there is something more to these fantastic dresses; they aren’t just $1.99 for nothing.

I recently wrote a detailed article on these pieces over at the Twilight Touch blog. There’s just so much context to these very fashionable pieces of clothing; they are, without a doubt, some of my favorite apparel in Home.

Many thanks to Ruby Princess and Praise-B for helping with the modeling, as well as Tai K. “UPGRADE” Rotan for his amazing music (this particular track is called “Cosmos” — and after you’ve listened to it, it’s easy to see why). And a tip of the hat to BONZO and Helen Xie for their inspiration.

You can find the Muumuu and Mandarin Dresses in the Granzella section under the Threads tab in your Navigation menu on PlayStation Home.


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Jin Lovelace is a machinimist and team writer for HomeStation Magazine, as well as the founder of Twilight Touch Inc. -- and When not found in PlayStation Home, Jin studies graphic design and illustration (character design and fashion), gaming, and the culinary arts.



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5 Responses to “The Dress Connection: Granzella’s Qipao and Muumuu Dresses”

  1. Burbie52 says:

    I love the Granzella style. I bought a more traditional muumuu in green because it reminded me of when I lived in Hawaii. The history behind them is interesting. The Mandarin dresses are beautiful, but I refrained from purchasing one this time because everyone was buying them and wearing them al over the place, lol. I might get one at a future time once the fervor dies down, because I do love the design. Good video as always Jin.

    • Jin Lovelace says:

      The black Qipao is definitely the most popular on Home these days. I’ve had my eye on them since their announcement in Japan and couldn’t wait for the SCEA release.

      The Mu’umu’us was definitely a surprising twist to my wardrobe. I never thought they would fascinate me to warrant a purchase but after my research, they appealed to me more and now, I see myself donning the Dress a bit more. I like experimenting with different hairstyles to give a subtle, relaxed nature to the Muumuus.

      Thanks, Ms. Burbie, for the response and compliment. 😀

      • berries10 says:

        I truly personally think you did and out standing job excellent work i notice that you take pride in your work and thats some thing that shows a great deal through out your video taping awesome!!!!

  2. riff says:

    Jin this is excellent! I love your article and yes I already own one of the dresses. You have terrific fashion sense and the vid was astounding… hope to see more like it in the future.

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