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by Kassadee Marie, HSM team writer

We all like to have fun. That’s why those of us who spend time in Home do so. The way we like to have fun, on Home or in real life, varies almost as much as we do as individuals.

Some people come to Home for the games. Besides just enjoying them, there are those who want to be on the leaderboards; those who want to best their own previous high score, and those who may be physically limited in the real world, but can play “sports” on Home.

Some people come to primarily socialize with others. They make friends and look for them as soon as they sign on, they join or start clubs, attend or host parties, and seek out other activities with their friends.

A lot of people – both male and female – have fun with the fashions. They spend quite a bit of money and personal time buying clothing items, trying them on, and mixing and matching various pieces to get just the “right” look. Some go even farther with their fashions and take pictures to post on the Home forum or start activities with others, like fashion shows or fashion magazines. Some even make Home fashion machinima.

Then there are the Home decorators.

They avidly review the new spaces and furniture items, including ornaments, every Wednesday for those that feel right; those that spark the creative decorating gene inside of them. When that happens, they’ll be in their own world for hours at a time to get their estate decorated to their satisfaction. Each wall item matters, each piece of furniture must be placed just so, and every ornament is chosen with care to enhance the look they’ve chosen.

Expect to see an increase in the sale of the Luxury Racing Box personal estate very soon, because now that the new Game Mechanics items have hit the store, people will realize how perfect this space is for a lot – if not all – of their Contender line of furniture items. A quick rundown of items consists of two clocks, one of which is a wall item; a bar in two styles; several tables, including a picnic table; a desk and chair; and miscellaneous chairs and stools in various styles and colors.

This, of course, is rather like saying that Niagara is a little waterfall.

For one thing, the wall clock is huge and it’s a stylish racing tire, while the desk clock is a race car’s steering wheel. They each only take up three furniture slots, but the both keep real time. The bar comes in two styles; one style is separate from the stools, so you can place them individually if you prefer, and the other has the stools attached.

Why would you want a bar with the stools already attached? Because you and your guests can sit close – really close – with your knees almost touching the bar. The same thing is true for the picnic table. You can sit facing the table, instead of away from it, and with several friends at the same time. The two tables with stools attached come in two heights and work the same way. The sleek and modern styled desk, with the race car seat, works in the same way too, of course. You can actually sit at this desk with the attached chair, and you will look like you’re really sitting at the desk, not just sitting in the vicinity of the desk.

If you like Home to look more real, you will love these items.

As this “closeness” requires these items to be active, they do take up more than one furniture slot, but usually three or four, at the most. However, by my count, some of them take up less slots than what the items would individually. For instance, the table and chairs that seat four take only three slots; individually, they would take five slots. By the way, you will be amazed by how close you can put these items to the walls and still be able to use them.

My favorite items are the director chairs. These items are available in two heights and eight colors. They are also available in two styles, one of which is a basic one-furniture-slot chair and one of which is an active item; I think of them as nice and WANT!

The reason I love these active items is that they can be personalized, when you sit in them. Yes, you can put your name on your own chair. Or almost anything else you want to put there, such as “director,” “his,” “hers,” “guest” or “goddess.” One little warning, by the way. What you write on these chairs stays after you leave in personal estates, but not in clubhouses. Once the club is empty, the chairs will reset to blank canvases.

I’ve already invented (or re-invented) a game for them. It works like this: each person sits down and adds a letter to the chair after the first letter. Each letter added has to be for a real word – without ending the word – or you can bluff, if you can’t think of one. These series of letters can be challenged at any time. At that point, the last personal to add a letter has to come up with the word that they had in mind or admit to the bluff. Perhaps points can be given to the challenger who succeeds and to the person who had a real word in mind. Play to a total of five or ten points, depending on the number of people playing at the time.

What can we expect from this new developer, Game Mechanics, in the future? Almost anything that we want and let them know that we want, because they are listening. They are actively soliciting our input for future Home items and estates. If it’s possible and it can be made in a cost effective and timely way, they will make it. This is our chance to make a little difference in the future of Home, and perhaps have some things made for us there.

So, let them know – what have you been dreaming of?

  • Innovative
  • Stylish
  • Can be placed close to walls
  • Seating is more natural
  • Low furniture slot count
  • Director chairs can be personalized
  • None

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Home is endlessly entertaining to this California girl. Kassadee has been in Home for about four years, and loves almost everything about it (with a few notable exceptions). She spends way too much money there, and perhaps too much time... Someday she will travel the world and write about the people she meets and the places she sees.


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2 Responses to “Home, Fun, and Games”

  1. Burbie52 says:

    I like your game idea Kass and I like the chairs too. I am looking forward to finding ways to use them and have already put some in my spaces. They use less slots in some cases so that saves us furniture slots for other things, which I think is a very cool way for adding extras for us. Good read as always.

  2. ted2112 says:

    I love your poker chair scrabble idea Kass!

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