Granzella Tube-Top Outfit Designs

by Jin Lovelace, HSM filmmaker

Fall is here, so I felt it was that time to create some well-rounded outfits with the use of the tube tops by Granzella.

If you notice, the combinations I put forward aren’t just about skimpy wear, a la swimsuit tops and micro mini-skirts, but rather outfit designs with character and definition. These simple yet comfort designs are more to allocate some ideas to those that wish to expand beyond their imagery for sultry styles, and these tops do just the trick.

My purpose for this presentation was to provide some aspiring designs with the use of these garments, which alone are very subtle to the touch. The sleek and comforting design of the tube tops aren’t flashy at all, and the colors are fun to play around with. My video presentation, however, is just a mainframe of examples on some concepts you can work with on these items. Some skirts work pretty well in conjunction with the tube tops, but jeans truly bring out the tops.

My only thing that I wish for Granzella to come out with are more colors. That alone will be explained in an article, coming soon. If you desire a list on these outfit designs, I can provide you a compiled list to assist you with your own efforts.

As the virtual wardrobe options for Home have grown exponentially in the last few years, my goal with machinima under the Twilight Touch logo is to try to highlight some aesthetically pleasing and unique combinations which might inspire your own designs. Ideally, I’ll be able to contribute further such designs and related content to HSM. This video was also a playground for me to produce some transitional affects. I personally enjoy it, but as we are all continually growing as filmmakers, I’d love to receive some feedback from others on it.

Thank you, Granzella, for providing these wonderful items to the Home community.

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Jin Lovelace is a machinimist and team writer for HomeStation Magazine, as well as the founder of Twilight Touch Inc. -- and When not found in PlayStation Home, Jin studies graphic design and illustration (character design and fashion), gaming, and the culinary arts.



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