Granzella: Fashions and a Teahouse

by Jin Lovelace, HSM filmmaker

Granzella has come a long way in PlayStation Home. From yukatas to ninja suits and samurai armor, they are responsible for living out some of my wildest fantasies and bringing some of my short stories to life. Their fashion sense is, in my humble opinion, very surreal to behold.

Granzella’s line of great apparel just doesn’t stop there; they are widely known for their imaginative personal estates. A great example of this would be their Fossil Museum, providing you a great sense of exhibition for your friends while making you feel like a great paleontologist. This then encourages you to search every nook and cranny of their Southern Hideaway Beach public space for additional fossils.

So when it comes to this week’s update, Granzella is again providing some much-needed fashion diversity in Home, as well as one of the more requested personal spaces since its release in Japan Home.

Let’s look at the apparel first: the Party Dress and the Black Suit. While Party Dresses and related apparel aren’t a rare commodity in Home, the style in these clothes from Granzella is definitely something different.

A party dress is simply a dress that you wear for such jovial occasions like a cocktail party, garden party and so forth. One fine example of a classic party dress that you can find in your virtual wardrobe to equate in modern society would be the little black dress, a.k.a. Crop Sleeve Black Lace Dress, which you can find in the Lockwood store.

The refined elegance of these party dresses by Granzella is as breathtaking as the models posing and walking in the video, wrapping around your figure deliciously and ensuring that many eyes will be upon you. For the men, the crisp detail on the Black Suit is sure to bring some enriching appeal tailored to fit your masculine frame.

The dress is available in two color options (one with stockings and one without) and comes with a complete seven-piece set of very lovely accessories ready to take command for your use, while the men will be able to play with four pieces: jacket and pants, plus hairstyle and shoes.  Take a look at the video that was announced on the PlayStation Blog and you be the judge if the aesthetics appeal to you.

As for the Teahouse Apartment, I’m beyond impressed with the structure of this space. I’m always a sucker for very serene, peaceful settings, and this place really sets a great tone for some cultural experience. While the simplistic designs of the kimonos aren’t truly of my taste (these days, when it comes to the yukatas, I’m rather spoiled on the design aesthetics), the furniture items caught my attention. The tranquil music complimenting the setting is the only letdown for me, as I wish something so soothing as that piece would have a sound option embedded in the Teahouse itself, rather than simply serving as a bit of PR music. Something for Granzella to think about, perhaps?


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Jin Lovelace is a machinimist and team writer for HomeStation Magazine, as well as the founder of Twilight Touch Inc. -- and When not found in PlayStation Home, Jin studies graphic design and illustration (character design and fashion), gaming, and the culinary arts.



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5 Responses to “Granzella: Fashions and a Teahouse”

  1. riff says:

    Jin thank you for your lovely updates! I did buy the tea garden and I think what I am most impressed by is that its a wealth of information. As someone that does not come from Japanese culture but has always been fascinated by it -this is sort of a dream come true. What I love is that Granzilla was unafraid to take the leap to make a game and social network an educational tool. I am absolutely over the moon about their ability to make learning as fun as it should be. Now I will see if I can actually try this in real life as well (heh).

    • Jin Lovelace says:

      I agree with you on this. The cultural experience you receive from Granzella is nothing short but breathtaking. Not many people on Home are fully aware of this spectacle when they traverse to such spaces like the South Hideaway Beach, Operation: Edo, or even the Teahouse. They integrate such riveting items and content that just draws your attention to detail, it’s astounding.

      Granzella is also great in diversity as well. They expand on a lot of genres and truly go out the whim to capture one’s mind and imagery on what they wish to be, do, or roleplay as for all on Home and this is something I admire so much about the Company.

      I humbly thank you for the comment, Riff. ^_^

  2. Bayern_1867 says:

    @Jin Lovelace I’ve been disappointed in many spaces I’ve bought this past year. I decided I wouldn’t buy without touring a space first. Alas, I broke my rule! I bought the space because I’d seen a video of the Japanese release. The entry is lovely and the tea house interesting but I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it was incomplete in NA. How is the last part unlocked? I bought the additional items because I wanted them—they’re beautiful—before I knew the space is incomplete so it isn’t a matter of buying the items.

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