Go Konami on a Budget

by Kassadee Marie, HSM team writer

Konami became Hudson Soft’s largest stockholder in August of 2001. In April of 2005, they purchased controlling interest and became Hudson’s parent company. In January 2011, Hudson Soft was completely acquired by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Corporation. Then this year on January 12, 2012, Konami announced that as of March 1, 2012, Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. would officially cease to exist as it would be absorbed into Konami Digital Entertainment.

Why am I sharing all of this information with you? Because, in my opinion, Konami’s best value in a personal estate is the Hudson Dolphy Room; it is not found in the Konami store, but can be found in the Estates Store.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

In addition to the personal space, which is only $3.99, the purchaser has the option to raise up to three “dolphies,” naming them and customizing their racing stats of speed, agility and stamina as they grow by choosing which type of fish they are fed. When one or more of them has become fully grown, they can be raced against other dolphies at Hudson Gate, the public dolphy racing space. A large trophy and great rewards can be won here, like four different dolphy statues, horns for the owner’s avatars and the dolphies in two colors, crowns for the dolphies to wear and more.

The personal space has two circular levels to decorate, including three places for picture frames or other wall items in the upper level. For the owner’s convenience there are also two store connections on the upper level; one is for games and one is for items. When the custom picture frames or the dolphy cushions (seats) are purchased from the store, the owner can also customize any of their dolphies to be the same color and design as that frame or cushion. In the lower level the fully-grown dolphies can be called to the owner and adorned and customized, timed on the test course and ridden through hoops in the Dolphy Ring game to keep them happy. This game is fun, fast and takes a little hand and eye co-ordination to do well at it — plus, it can also be played by guests.

Konami also offers a plethora of clothing labels from Anime to Urban Camo, not missing B’Loons, Gothic, or Raver on the way. What you choose from one of these lines, such as Konami Retro or Frogger or Metal Gear Solid, depends entirely upon your own taste. Konami Retro and MGS offer hats, shirts and ponchos for $.99, while the guys can get a full Frogger outfit for $1.49 or either gender can pick up  a Frogger Mascot head for $.99 to wear. They have designs from the serious (Gothic) to the scary (Saw and Silent Hill) to the hysterically funny.

Recently, they have expanded their B’Loons collection to five female and thirteen male full-body costumes. The first five costumes (three male and two female) were priced at $1.49 and have really enjoyable animations. They’ve just added some more costumes to the collection for the guys, that have interesting animations and they are all priced at $2.99 each. There are two “mafia” styles in white or black; a rocker who rides his guitar; and a Viking with a huge ax. If you haven’t seen their incredible animations, I recommend you spend a little time in the Hub or another core space, where they are sure to be located. They really should be seen before purchased.

This developer offers four companions presently. These are the silly and fun, green Frogger companion for $1.99, who will hop along faithfully everywhere with you and three B’Loons companions for $1.49 each, who will float after you just as faithfully. If you adore the B’Loons costumes, these are the perfect sidekicks for you. Choose between the bright green dog, the vivid yellow cat and the brilliant purple octopus. If you have a hard time choosing between them, consider picking up two or even all three of them, as they are some of the least expensive companions on Home. Each of them has unique floaty animations that are fun to watch, especially the octopus.

For furniture, if you enjoy the Gothic style, I recommend Konami’s Gothic Furniture Bundle to you. With Halloween coming, these items are very suitable for decorating a space for that holiday look, also. For $3.99 you will receive seven of the largest furniture items offered in Home. The items included are a bench or pew, table, two chairs, (one is called a throne), a non-active bed, a stone gargoyle wall hanging and a black patterned rug. Each item, except the wall hanging and rug, is made up of very dark wood with richly carved details. If you pick up this bundle or any of the individual items, don’t expect them to fit well or look right in a small estate; they were made for the grander estates, such as Konami’s own immense Gothic Cathedral, obviously. This personal estate is also offered as a club, by the way.

Konami offers a unique section in their store where you can pick up games, demos and add-ons to play when you aren’t on Home. There are PS3, Psone and PSP games offered, such as Frogger Returns, Castlevania and the Gradius Collection. You can also pick up sign-in avatars here such as the ones from  Castlevania.

Be sure to check all the labels offered by Konami, when you’re looking for something rather different, because you never know what you may find there of interest to you and at a price you will like.


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Home is endlessly entertaining to this California girl. Kassadee has been in Home for about four years, and loves almost everything about it (with a few notable exceptions). She spends way too much money there, and perhaps too much time... Someday she will travel the world and write about the people she meets and the places she sees.


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5 Responses to “Go Konami on a Budget”

  1. Nami3 says:

    I agree. Konami has good value, especially the dolphy room. I never realized how ridiculously fun the dolphy races were until I raised my own little ones into race winners. I have all the gothic clothing and frequently wear the outfits among all that I have to choose from. The Konami store has something for everyone.

  2. Burbie52 says:

    Great information as always Kass. Konami has a lot of diversity in their product lines, that is for sure.

  3. Re Dolphin space & races, I got out of racing for awhile however more recently back in on a somewhat occasional basis daily or every other day. People are still having from what I can tell as am I.

    As to the space it is unique and fun to decorate. I added the Deluge Lamp and it pours rain in mine. The dolphins don’t mind. They’re jest happy I returned.

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