Game Mechanics – A New Face Hits Home

by Burbie52, HSM team writer

The arrival of a new developer on the Home scene always generates a lot of anticipation and curiosity. Will they give us something new and different? Do they know what we like or want? All of these questions come into play when someone tries to break into the Home market, and with the ever-increasing number of items appearing on Home each week, the market can be a hard nut to crack. That’s why it is always important to get consumer input, and take the time to look at what is needed and not yet available.

To say that Game Mechanics is a new developer coming into Home is a true statement, and yet it isn’t. This is because the person behind the wheel is our own John Ardussi, known as Deuce_for2 in Home circles, a contributing author to HSM and no amateur when it comes to bringing new and innovative items to Home. He worked for Sony for a long time, and has created several Home products for them in the past few years, ranging from the Robotic Dog to the Cutthroats multiplayer game. Game Mechanics is the company that John started when he left the Sony fold and branched out on his own. This week, they are bringing their first offerings to the Home community.

At first glance, the new furniture his company is offering may seem very much like any of the other items that already exist in our inventories. But looks can be deceiving. These chairs and tables have some tricks up their sleeves.

The canvas back chairs are similar to others made before, but unlike the previous versions, you can sit back in them. And the active versions of the chairs have a great new ability — they are the first item in Home that can actually be personalized! Before this, the only option you had was spelling out words with huge lit-up letters. Now you can write your name, or any other name you like, on the back of the chairs. And though they are active items, they only use four slots to give you that ability. The chairs come in tall and normal sizes, as well as many color choices.

Finally a picnic table that works right!

I don’t know about you, but one of the pet peeves I have always had in Home is that you can’t sit close to anything without being trapped. You often have to ask your host to move the chair or table out of the way, so you can get unstuck. These new active items will end that problem. I predict they will start a whole new wave of chair-and-table combinations in Home. For the first time, we can sit at a desk or table in a natural manner — a great boost for increased realism in Home interior design.

The picnic table is a great new addition as well, and the kicker here is that though there are other picnic tables available as rewards from Midway and Aurora, they make you sit backwards, with your back to the table. This one allows you to sit much closer together, facing each other. This is also true of the bar and the table with built in stools. These are also active items, which only take up three slots in your furniture inventory — a very reasonable amount for such a great effect. I have wanted a picnic table for a long time, and am looking forward to this one arriving in Home this week. I can see using it in my Midnight Glade or Sunlit Meadow spaces for sure.

The backyard bar is also available as a separate furniture item, as are the associated bar stools. And the stools come in two heights, one shorter and squatter than the other. The three inside tables are also sold as separate items. One of the tables is actually a lamp as well — very useful for those dark corners in spaces like the Musicality apartment. These tables come in tall and mid-sized heights.  What makes all of these new pieces unique is they are basically the same product, available in different sizes depending on your need. And most of these items come in both active and regular choices as well. This kind of choice and variety is very welcome to those of us who are into the decorating scene.

Table lamp, and personalized chairs

The racing furniture included in this offering has a nice flair to it, and will be perfect for those who own the Luxury Racing Box space or the new racing-oriented space created by JAM Games. This is a perfect compliment to that garage-themed apartment, and the active desk and chair will make it seem as if you are really sitting there. The racing-themed clocks made from a steering wheel and tire are another great addition, and they keep real time at the cost of only three slots apiece. The tire is a wall clock, and the wheel is a desktop model.

The tall and regular canvas chairs, both active and normal, come in bundle packs for people who want all the colors at a discount. The colors available are white, black, red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue,  and a lilac purple.

I like this new idea in furniture evolution. The ability to sit down and look natural is very cool, and if this kind of innovation is how Game Mechanics is going to start their run in Home, I am going to be very interested to see where they go from here. John Ardussi’s new company is going to carve its own mark on the Home community. And knowing how much he cares about Home, I am willing to bet that Game Mechanics will have a great run here as he comes up with new and better ideas for all of us to enjoy.

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Burbie52 is a 62 year-old published author and founder of the Grey Gamers group within Home. Born and raised in Michigan, she has lived there her entire life, with the exception of a twelve-year residency on the Big Island of Hawaii. She enjoys reading and writing, as well as video games, especially RPG's. She has one son in his twenties.


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6 Responses to “Game Mechanics – A New Face Hits Home”

  1. KrazyFace says:

    Innovation is always a good thing. Seeing furniture have more time taken on it technically is more of a relief than anything else though. This kind of attention to seating arrangements is long overdue in Home in my opinion. Granzella are on the right track with giving us sub-menus for poses, although a little clunky, it still beats watching your avatar’s back ( or whole head) being eaten by the furniture every time you make him/her talk. I’ll be curious to see how the mandatory “talking gestures” work with this furniture.

    On a more positive sounding note, I’m happy to see a new developer for Home try to break into the market -- with improved ideas. And since Duce is already a Home Fan, the passion to make things better (I’d hope) for users will override the thirst for money where his new company is concerned. Well done Duce, these look like a great start to your Home debut, I wish all the best for breaking into this ( very tough) market. But if anyone can do it, someone with passion for, and knows Home, will stand a better chance! Good luck!

  2. Dr_Do-Little says:

    Fitting a chair and a table at a reasonalble distance was among the very 1st things I tried to do on home. Glad someone is finally looking at that.
    Welcome aboard Deuce… oh wait! you where here before me 😉

    • RiverCreek says:

      It is good to see that someone out there has taken the time to address some of the little details which are so very important to us serious Home members. Thank you!

  3. MsLiZa says:

    Cool new ideas

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