A Mysterious Submission

by Terra_Cide, HSM Managing Editor

From time to time, we receive submissions from readers, which as you know, we publish to the site. But nothing quite like what we’re about to publish now.

Earlier this week, we received this strange image from an unknown email source. We know it is Home related, as it looks like some sort of furniture item, but we can’t tell how exactly it is related or where it is from. Were it a part of someone’s coming product release, there would be no need for such mystery, which makes this image all the more odd. After exhausting our contacts among the Home developers, and the community management, we turn it over to you in hopes that you may shed some light on this mystery.

What is this picture of?

What is it a part of?

Does it have anything to do with the emails AlphaZone posted earlier today?

We’re honestly not sure.

One thing we are sure of, is that something big is coming.

November 26th, 2012 by | 29 comments
Terra _Cide is the former Community Manager for Lockwood Publishing and Editor Emeritus for HomeStation Magazine.



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29 Responses to “A Mysterious Submission”

  1. KrazyFace says:

    Hmm, I’m a big Xi fan and have been combing through the clues in the last few days. This to me, looks like a dispenser for Areopals.

    What’s an Areopal? Good question!

  2. GoodBytes says:

    It is a vending machine (duh)
    It is part of an ongoing marketing campaign to tease and promote an anticipated event taking place early next year.
    Yes it has everything to do with that “mysterous email” AZ4 recieved.
    You should keep an eye on other fan sites for the next installment. It’ll be just as cryptic.

  3. Patchex says:

    Looks Like Someone took lockwoods idea for a Voxade dispenser… Maybe its for the Blimp Game?

  4. shizzoshizzo says:

    This machine should appear in Aurora version 1.65, on the Chinese island 😉

  5. definate vending machine will it take lockwood tokens ? or will it be funded differntlly sorry on the spelling

  6. Terra_Cide says:

    Now that nDreams have let the cat out of the bag, I can come forward and say that yes, the image is Xi related. Unfortunately I’m presently at work and can’t provide more info than that. Sorry!

  7. FEMAELSTROM says:

    It’s a cola machine, and as a self described soda freak, I just care that it pops out that magic elixir, that nectar of the gods that has replaced my very blood. But if it’s an item for our homes, I’m cool with that too. Looks sorta LOOTy to me, but I’m probably wrong, just gimme a cola machine. :) Maybe they can figure out a way to have a real working soda spout out the side of my PS3, c’mon Sony, get on that.

  8. Smokingpistol says:


    Btw are we supposed to take the “leave 100 comments or you will never see your articles again” threat seriously? :( people leave comments! :0

  9. MJG74 says:

    Jokes on them as no one reads our articles to begin with, But Im guessing that machine is actually Staplers mother.

  10. Godzprototype says:

    Very exciting Xi is coming back. I left my comment. That makes 11.
    Looking at the design of it so far looks very appealing. I am not going to miss this go around.

  11. riffraffse7en says:

    Hello- I will weigh in for the cause… I really want my articles to be safe 😀 -not having been around for the first time this is very exciting.

  12. Ren_Echo says:

    Interesting, the text near the top of the image does not appear to be in English but I can’t see the letters clearly enough to translate it, even after inverting the colors. Also, the image saves as Blueprint_002 implying that there are additional blueprints.

  13. riff says:

    Okay so tonight I went on my orbrunning jaunt in Aurora and I notice that these little boxes were popping up everywhere. I don’t know what they are but they might have something to do with Xi (which I found out is pro Zee not Zi from looking at the video clips on the nDreams website). Yes and I think this all has something to do with Blueprint the Personal Space. Also there are puzzle pieces appearing in the hub and Aurora on billboards- if anyone has any other info regarding this stuff please please please share- I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to gaming so I need all the help I can get… Ty Godz, Jellia, halfdemon, jamesiow, and Alias for all your help with this.

    Went to the Veilcorp.com site as well to check that out. Looks interesting but I have no idea what I should be looking for… I hope San Francisco is one of the cities.

    I think I am going to go to my blueprint space tomorrow and see what is going on there… its too late tonight and some of us have to work for a living arrrggghhh!

  14. riff says:

    FYI Alphazone4 put together the puzzle pieces… check it out:


  15. FEMAELSTROM says:

    Hey Riff…it seems that you are singlehandedly trying to make the 100 comment goal all on your own.

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