PSTalent’s Shadows Collection

by Jin Lovelace, HSM filmmaker

It’s one thing to be an exceptionally skilled group of fans. It’s another to turn that into a legitimate production house, creating content for PlayStation Home.

Amazing how that division line between fan group and production company is so hard to mentally overcome, isn’t it? Despite PSTalent’s highly visible work in creating entertaining machinima for the Community Theater, as well as some of their other notable work such as LOOT’s “Aliens vs. Androids” contest, I doubt most of us would have expected to see the day in which a fan group truly crossed over. And we’re not talking just the obligatory piece of logo wear slapped on a T-shirt — we’re talking about a full, legitimate production studio. It’s nice to see a community-born developer actually come to life, and cater to where they started.

So: fresh from PSTalent’s fashion wardrobe comes their debut — the Shadows Collection zoot suits.

This presentation serves as my “what if…” story, based off their own short commerical. For me, I felt the aesthetics of the suit were more interesting to display if I built the implication of a small story into it. After all, as PSTalent’s own DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY and Animus_Requiem have both discussed, these are outfits which tie into their upcoming machinima story, The Chronicles of Shadows.

I’ll admit that I wish there could’ve been more detail to the tailoring; I never was a big fan of the baked-in collar design on most apparel found on Home. That said, the suits will appeal to men in Home looking for more formal attire of various sorts, and — just like Lockwood’s Figment suit — will likely sell quite well due to the number of young men hoping to look like they’re gangsters of some ilk, even if they’re unfamiliar with the historical details of the zoot suit which BONZO recently outlined so brilliantly. There is no question, though, that now the men of Home can add something edgy, sophisticated, and definitely suave to their wardrobes.

Thanks to HomeStation for allowing me to share my videos with the readers out there, and feel free to visit Twilight Touch if you’d like to see more.

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Jin Lovelace is a machinimist and team writer for HomeStation Magazine, as well as the founder of Twilight Touch Inc. -- and When not found in PlayStation Home, Jin studies graphic design and illustration (character design and fashion), gaming, and the culinary arts.



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  1. The Director says:

    I’m not exactly sure how I missed this article but if I were to blame it on someone or something, it would have to be Nujin and the amazing video she produced. Thank you for all the attention on this collection, it really means a lot to me and the communitity at PSTALENT. Thank you too HSM! ~ DOD

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