HomeStation Announces the Writing Contest Winners!

by NorseGamer, HSM Editor-in-Chief

If there’s one thing we love to do at the HomeStation, it’s run contests. Time and again, we’ve seen that contests are a great way to spur members of our readership to take the plunge and try their hand at being published themselves. HSM exists as a platform for Home’s finest creative voices to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings about this virtual world we all share, and by offering prizes to do just that, we help new voices emerge from the background and join the chorus.

Some really outstanding articles were contributed to this contest. It’s probably a good thing we determine the winners by number of unique visitors per article, as it’s really hard to choose a winner on any sort of subjective terms! As you know, we divided the contest into two categories: team writers (editors excluded) and guest contributors. There are three $20 PSN cards up for grabs for the guest contributors, and likewise three $20 PSN cards for the team writers — as well as a $50 PSN card as an Editor’s Choice award!

One thing I’d like to do is personally invite all of our latest guest contributors to continue sharing their thoughts for us to publish. It’s always a thrill to see a new contributor on HSM’s front page, and it is our hope that you will continue to use HomeStation as a place to share your work with the Home community.

So, without further ado, your winners:

Team Writers

1. Go 1960’s on a BudgetKassadee Marie ($20 PSN card)

2. A Beginner’s Look at Home TycoonBurbie52 ($20 PSN card)

3. And the Clock Strikes MidnightFEMAELSTROM ($20 PSN card)

Guest Contributors

1. Finding Love in Homemnmsgin ($20 PSN card)

2. Fat AttackLadyNapoleon ($20 PSN card)

3. Befriending A TrollMonkee ($20 PSN card)

And our $50 Editor’s Choice award? That goes to DonnyBee for Manhood in Home!

Congratulations to our winners! They will be contacted at the e-mail addresses used for their submissions in the next day or so with the redemption codes for their PSN cards.

I hope you’ll join me in thanking all of our contributors, both guest and team alike, for bringing you such fantastic content every day about PlayStation Home!

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NorseGamer is the product manager for LOOT Entertainment at Sony Pictures, as well as the founder and publisher of HomeStation Magazine. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and presently lives in Los Angeles. All opinions expressed in HSM are solely his and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sony DADC.

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8 Responses to “HomeStation Announces the Writing Contest Winners!”

  1. Congratulations all!

    I liked Monkee’s Troll Befriending article and if one writes on the 60s (or 50s), they’re on the right track with me.

  2. BONZO says:

    Just read Manhood in home today, it was funny but dealt with a real issue. Congrats winners, loved LadyNapoleon’s article and Finding Love in Home, that topic keeps coming up but it’s nice to see the different perspectives. Great work, hope we see more from the contributors.

  3. Godzprototype says:

    Great articles all of you! Congrats. Hope to see more from you all. I liked mnmsgin’s Finding Love in Home. DonnyBee that had to be written. Great work. :)

  4. Kassadee Marie says:

    Wow! I’m thrilled! Thanks for reading everyone. Congrats to all the winners… and to everyone who entered. These were some of the best “new writers” entries so far. You guys rock!

  5. Burbie52 says:

    My thanks to everyone who read my article and to the magazine for the opportunity to even do this. I have a lot of fun writing these pieces and am very happy to be a part of this endeavor.
    Congrats to all of the winners and welcome to HSM those of you who are first timers.

  6. mnmsgin says:

    Thank you HSM for this opportunity to write an article for your magazine. Thanks to everyone who read the article. Special thanks goes to Godsprototype for pushing me and believing that I could do this when I wasn’t sure myself. Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks again HSM. :)

  7. FEMAELSTROM says:

    I love to write. Plain and simple. I love the opportunity to write for the magazine and am so honored to be so openly read and recieved by such quality people. I know that none of us ever do this for any reward or pay, it’s a true labor of love, and it’s not even a labor. It is a true pleasure and I am so grateful for the support and warmth and help that the magazine gives it’s writers. I encourage anyone that is thinking about submitting, simply: DO IT! This is a fine bunch of people that will bend over backwards to help. Make your voice heard and speak up,even if it’s a subject you have read about before, we all have a different view. Make yours known.It is so worth it, and again I am floored. Thanks HSM for the chance to even write.

  8. LadyNapoleon says:

    Oh my God thank you so much, that is so cool of you guys. Congrats to all the winners, and thank you for the support.

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