Home Community Art Contest: Spooky VICKIE!

by NorseGamer, HSM Editor-in-Chief

HomeStation Magazine was created as a platform for creative expression: a platform which would host Home’s finest writers, artists and filmmakers. Given our nature as a daily publication, the bulk of that work is in writing — with over 1,100 published articles in two years, at an average word count of around 1,200 words per article, we’ve published roughly the equivalent of sixteen to seventeen novels‘ worth of material on PlayStation Home — but it’s important to remember that we have some truly fantastic machinimists and artists as well, whose work should not go unheralded.

On a personal level, I’m enormously envious of anyone who can draw an image. We have some amazingly talented artists on the team: HSM’s Managing Editor, Terra_Cide, is a legitimate art prodigy. HSM Editor BONZO produces some amazing works of art, and was heavily involved in the creation of our last magazine issue. And, of course, HSM’s Art Director, Mike, is the genius behind our signature product, the HomeStation magazine issues.

I, on the other hand, am only capable of drawing disjointed figures that even Stickdeath would reject. No, really. I’d get done watching Bob Ross make happy little mistakes look like something Renoir would create, and then grow frustrated and ragequit when I couldn’t make my fingers reproduce what my brain was seeing. Although my great-grandfather’s artwork appeared in the Oslo National Museum of Art, it seems the genetic code for artistic ability decided to take a detour into Vorlon space when it got to me.

Which is why I find it fun to run art contests. Maybe I can’t create cool images, but I sure like to see what other people can come up with!

Our last art contest was, I believe, the “Home Postcards” challenge — and some really phenomenal stuff came from that. So this time, we’ve teamed up with Lockwood to produce something even wilder: the Spooky VICKIE contest.

Here’s how this will work: you must create an image of a “Halloweenized” VICKIE — the interactive cyborg from Lockwood’s Sodium universe — OR an image of VICKIE in a spooky setting within Home. So, for instance, if you wanted to create an image of VICKIE herself in some sort of modified Halloween theme (Silent Hill “Nurse VICKIE” for instance), or you wanted to have VICKIE exploring some Halloween version of a Home locale (what would the Hub look like if Wes Craven got his hands on it?), both are acceptable entry types.

Entries must be submitted to the appropriately marked thread in the HSM website forum; no other entries will be considered. HSM editors are ineligible for prizes. All entries will be on public display for all to see.  The submissions window closes at midnight GMT, October 17th. At that point, HomeStation’s art director, MJG74, will pick three finalists to send to Lockwood Publishing — and Lockwood will then select a winner by October 19th, to be announced in HSM. Entries may be either a Home photograph or an original work of art; preference will be shown, however, to original works of art. If you do choose to take a photo with the in-Home camera, remember that you can now dress as VICKIE, which allows you to place her in nearly any Home locale you wish.

All entries must not contain any material which is obscene, defamatory, explicitly violent or sexual, or anything beyond what would be considered a reasonable-person standard of good taste; HSM reserves the right to disqualify any entry which we feel is inappropriate for our audience to see. If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not your entry is acceptable (which is possible, since Halloween generally deals with horrific themes, and where to draw the line is an interesting question), you may contact submissions@hsmagazine.net with your inquiry. Remember that all we will do is tell you whether or not we feel it is valid as a contest entry; the content itself must still be submitted to the HSM forum thread to be considered for the competition.

The big question, of course, is what the prizes are. And boy, do we have some fun stuff lined up!

The two runners-up will both receive: a Halloween PODI and Halloween Fireworks Pack, plus a Gallu the Ghoul outfit!

And the grand-prize winner will receive: pre-release Iron Fusion transforming robot content — the upcoming Panthabots!

Now, for whomever wins the grand prize, keep in mind that the code for the Iron Fusion Panthabots won’t go live until October 31st, even though the prizes will be e-mailed to the winners on October 19th. But hey, how cool will it be to cruise around Home in upcoming Lockwood content that no one else in Home will have at that point? Now that’s bragging rights!

Keep in mind that this contest is administered by HomeStation Magazine; although Lockwood is sponsoring it, the responsibility for it lies solely with HSM. So if you have any complaints about the contest, route that feedback to us (and remember that while we’re happy to look into any questions or concerns, our decisions are final).

Think you’ve got the ultimate Spooky VICKIE concept? Well, this is your chance to show Lockwood and the Home community your creative skills! You’ve only got one week, so let’s see what you can come up with!

October 11th, 2012 by | 9 comments
NorseGamer is the product manager for LOOT Entertainment at Sony Pictures, as well as the founder and publisher of HomeStation Magazine. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and presently lives in Los Angeles. All opinions expressed in HSM are solely his and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sony DADC.

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9 Responses to “Home Community Art Contest: Spooky VICKIE!”

  1. Sophronia says:

    W00t! Sounds fun! Wonder what I can photoshop.. hmm! 😛

  2. Burbie52 says:

    This is going to be very interesting to see. Can’t wait to see some of the contributors use their imaginations on this one.

  3. MJG74 says:

    Entries may be either a Home photograph or an original work of art; preference will be shown, however, to original works of art. If you do choose to take a photo with the in-Home camera, remember that you can now dress as VICKIE, which allows you to place her in nearly any Home locale you wish.

    • MJG74 says:

      Re-imagine vickie, if you will. maybe mix her with a classic horror vixen? I would love to see some original art work

  4. kris4christ2 says:

    ‘Original work of art’ as in fully hand-drawn?
    Can it be a Home picture edited with either:
    -- MS Paint/Photoshop?
    -- hand drawn additions?

  5. Sophronia says:

    I’m happy Photoshop is accepted! /Whew

    I always try my best to be creative, and this contest felt like a fun challenge, so I must participate and see what I can conjure up!

    I got carried away and photoshopped a couple pictures of Vickie lastnight, so I’ll try to submit a picture soon!

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