nDreams Does the Locomotion

by Burbie52, HSM team writer

Ever since man looked at the first bird soaring across the sky, he has wondered what it would be like to fly. This desire brought about the first airplanes, and has spawned many superheroes in both comics and movies. We want to be able to see our world from different perspectives.

And now that ability has come to Home.

When the 1.7 update arrived in Home last week, it brought with it a lot of new possibilities for our avatars. Having the ability to keep your own avatar and do different things outside the context of a specific costume, gaming or personal space has been a want for people in Home for a long time. Leave it up to nDreams, the company who brought us the infamous Xi, to be the first to come up with them for all of us.

nDreams has always been a company that thinks outside the box. Their products vary from whimsical to edgy, from Blueprint to Aurora, from Little Reaper to the new Street Moves costumes. They brought us the new BoxBeats recently that plays twelve very cool new tunes from artists in the UK while it streams colored lights through liquid at the top, along with the Shimmer Sphere that streams incredible amounts of changing lights across any room it occupies. They have had Aurora up and running for a long time, with several upgrades and new ones being hinted at coming to us soon. Now they have come out with new motions that we can use and still look like ourselves.

These new emotes will be equipped in the slot normally used for companions — which is a very clever solution — and they are pretty interesting. The one that I think will be the most used though is the ability to fly. People have been asking for this for a long time, and though it looks in the promo video like it won’t be very high off the ground, nor are there any methods of changing altitude, it is a start in the right direction — and does come with variable speeds. The promotional material shows people using ice and fire to fly about, and also what they call the Zen mode which allows you to float/fly in a seated position.

The ability to run much faster and also move about like a ninja is also a cool feature they have added to the mix. They have also added four new skateboards that can “Ollie” as well as move much faster than before. For a first turn out of these new abilities, I must say it looks like they not only have added to the fun factor in Home, they have also catered to a lot of the wishes that people have been asking for in Home.

Having all of this coming to us so quickly after the update to the system is a bit of a surprise. When we got the new developer capabilities I thought it would be a while before anything new appeared. But I think it is great that they have brought these new things out right away instead of making us wait for months. Glad to see Sony and nDreams on top of things, and I think they are on the right track. Also of note, nDreams says to use your square button when equipped with these new items to see what they do.

Here is a list of all the new motions :

  • Super Dash – Allows your avatar to run faster than normal.
  • Zen Flight – Instead of walking or running you will float in the air in the lotus position. You can also travel faster than the normal run.
  • Super Flight – Majestically fly through the air like a super hero at different speeds.
  • Ninja Run – Your run animation will become a slick ninja run and can change into a Ninja Sprint.
  • Inferno Hero – A fantastic fire will swarm around your avatar and you can fly through the air surrounded by flames.
  • Ice Hero – You can ride the ice coming from your hand and move quickly through whichever space you are in.
  • Skateboards – With four different styles you can skate around Home and go quicker than you have ever been able to before. These also come with an ‘Ollie’ emote animation.

This is going to be a very interesting week in Home.

September 26th, 2012 by | 6 comments
Burbie52 is a 62 year-old published author and founder of the Grey Gamers group within Home. Born and raised in Michigan, she has lived there her entire life, with the exception of a twelve-year residency on the Big Island of Hawaii. She enjoys reading and writing, as well as video games, especially RPG's. She has one son in his twenties.


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6 Responses to “nDreams Does the Locomotion”

  1. nDreams Joey says:

    I really need to get a new team photo done and get over to you guys! Nice work Burbie :)

  2. KrazyFace says:

    Yeap. I’ll probably pick one (or two) of these up today after the update in EU, is US getting them today too?

    Its going well for nDreams so far, they’re innovative and have a knack for making fun stuff. I’d say they’re Lockwood’s biggest rivals in Home for now. I say “for now” coz Juggernaut just came outta nowhere like a banshee with their new space which (as you Americans like to put it) is just all kinds of awesome.

    Competition is good, and this is the proof. Nice job nDreams.

  3. SealWyf says:

    Using the Companion slot is an excellent choice. I was really worried we would have to use specific shirts or hand items. Using the Companion slot is total win, and solves the issue of what the Companion is doing if the avatar is flying. Good thinking, nDreams!

    So now, two words:

    Flying Homelings!


  4. KrazyFace says:

    Wow, spell check just went super-stupid on me there! That’s THING, not thug. Lol

    • SealWyf says:

      Love “thugs”. And “Booming” for Homeling. Indeed, there are now Homeling-branded goods in Home! And, they are free! Run over to x7 to grab your own Fluidic Noggin. Many thanks to Lockwood for making this happen.

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