My Private Decorating Wars

by Kassadee_Marie, HSM team writer

I admit I own a lot of furniture on Home — some people might even say an excessive amount. But in my defense, I have been in Home for almost two years and love to decorate my personal estates. I probably change the furniture and decorations in my Harbor Studio apartment more than any other space that I own, as I like to make a seasonal or holiday look in there every month. However, it’s getting harder and harder to “dig” through that massive storage where I keep most of these items, and I want help.

Presently, we have two categories under the Redecorate button: Add and Organize. Click on Organize and you’ll find picture tabs of every item you presently have out in that personal space. The L1 button allows you to show only certain types of items, such as wall hangings, seating, or actives. The R1 button allows you to sort by recently placed, closest or size. Please note that by “size” they mean the number of item slots that the  furniture or ornament takes up.

If you move to one of these tabs, the item is highlighted. If you hold the L2 button, all of the tabs disappear and you can see the item in its present location. You can move your avatar while doing this if you’d like to move closer. You have several other options here to sort, get the details of that item, or tag it for removal. You can even tag all items for removal, if you’re ready to do a complete redecoration of your space. If you click on one of the tabs, the camera moves to that item and you have the option to move that item in the usual manner (lower, raise, rotate, place, etc.). If only the “Add” section were that well organized!

Under the “Add” section are the following categories: wall hangings, chairs, footstools, tables, container, flooring, ornaments, cubes, lights, sofas and appliances. There is also a storage section with these same eleven divisions. Each of these sub-sections allows you to show only certain items by using these filters: recently acquired, rewards, purchased and favorites. You can also sort them by newest or oldest first, last used and size.

If you move to an item, you can select it for placement, send it to storage or make it a favorite. The storage section does not allow favorites. The L3 button will allow you to see the details of that item and again, if you hold the L2 button, the picture tabs will be removed from your screen.

So, here is my wishlist for revising how we store, sort and organize our furniture and decorations. We really need more divisions and sub-divisions. Under wall hangings, I suggest they add two sections, frames and other wall items, which would allow us to pick out these items more quickly. Chairs could be sub-divided into living room, dining room, outdoor and miscellaneous. Footstools should be combined with “cubes” in my opinion, and then these items could be sub-divided into these two categories. I already have footstools, such as the “modern ottoman,” located under cubes.

We people love our tables, don’t we? I suggest the same sub-divisions for these types of items as the chairs, with the addition of a “counters” section. I would also prefer that desks were not part of this category, but were added to the “container” category. This category could be divided into desks, shelves, dressers and miscellaneous items, which would include items such as treasure chests, trunks and boxes.

Flooring could be simply divided into rugs and miscellaneous, I think. Lights need at least these sub-categories: floor, table, party, and miscellaneous.

One new category we need is beds. Beds under sofas? Really? Although beds are most often used in bedrooms, we could still use divisions in this category. I suggest a division of the older beds, the ones on which you can only sit, from the newer, active beds, where you can lie down.

Once beds are removed from sofas, three sub-categories would probably be enough for sofas. Perhaps they could be called modern, classical and miscellaneous. Active items need to be moved from appliances, and this section should be called appliances and fixtures. All appliances and fixtures need to be found under this tab, whatever size. If I have a washing machine, refrigerator, bathtub, barbecue, coffee maker, sink or a toaster, I want to find them here under sub-sections such as kitchen, bathroom, and miscellaneous.

Active items need sub-categories, too. I suggest music, games, pets and again, miscellaneous. We also need a general miscellaneous section for items like walls, room dividers and cars, that don’t fall into other categories and are presently stored under the ornaments tab.

My ornaments section is huge (596 items, counting all of the freebies), and I’ll bet most people’s ornaments collections are just as large. We have a near desperate need for subdivisions there. I would suggest these sections: trophies, toys, plants, dishes and food items, vases and statues, miscellaneous, and holidays. I doubt Sony is anywhere near the point that they could grant us the ability to name our own categories, but wouldn’t that be cool? My sections would include Christmas and Halloween, for sure.

I notice mis-placements in several divisions, and I would like to see these items moved into their proper categories. I have a bed, a bench, and a cube in my chair section; a pedestal under my table section; a cube and counters in my containers; a desk in my tables category; a hot tub under sofas; and appliances all over. I even have a bed under ornaments and an oven under lights.

As I said about clothing in a previous article, I don’t believe Sony would want to deal with us having a “delete” button for furniture. They would still have to keep track of all items and be ready to replace any that people deleted by mistake. Even with a warning, I believe people would delete items by accident, and I believe that they would request that Sony replace them.

Maybe all of this isn’t possible, but I hope that Sony will make at least some of these changes or changes that have been suggested by other Home users. If nothing else a “deep storage” category would allow us to separate furniture items that are rarely or never used from those items that we would still like to use occasionally. Sony changed decorating once before, as they did for clothing, when they created the original Storage section and I’d like to thank them for that. Thanks, Sony!

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Home is endlessly entertaining to this California girl. Kassadee has been in Home for about four years, and loves almost everything about it (with a few notable exceptions). She spends way too much money there, and perhaps too much time... Someday she will travel the world and write about the people she meets and the places she sees.


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5 Responses to “My Private Decorating Wars”

  1. Dr_Do-Little says:

    Again, as with the wardrobe, I think a part of the solution would be custom classification. Let us add our own custom tag on items.
    And ornaments… what a mess! Theres probably a dozen sub-categories possible there.

  2. Bayern_1867 says:

    Since Sony and Developers have used the present system for years, it might be as well to let it continue for stores and the Add>Organize activities. Also, I doubt they could come up with another classification that would be satisfactory to the majority of users.
    Where Dr_Do_Little’s suggestion of letting us have our own personal classifications is really needed is in our personal wardrobes and furniture inventories, for retrieval. If we could have numbers or letters for grouping items (as we now “heart” favorites or “grey” storage choices) we could each do our own classifications using the same identifiers. Under Ornaments I could set plants, artwork, holiday items, or whatever where another would perhaps do sports equipment, weapons, game-related items, and so forth.
    Under Legs, I might do bathing suits, shorts, skirts, capris, slacks where another might do sports, casual, dressy, formal, as each preferred.
    This means each would have to write down the key and definition but I would much prefer to do the additional work rather than use a system which frustrates me. I think most true collectors (sounds better than some other nouns) would agree.

  3. Although I am allergic to vacuum cleaning in RL, I love decorating my apartments.

    I think a closet or junk room would be a good thing to have for things I either bought (I wonder why) or was rewarded that I have little use for. Plus it would speed up loading, yes?

    Nice article.

  4. FoxxyCanuck says:

    I totally agree.

    As with the Wardrobe, the classification for the Furniture is a mess. Like you, I also have a ton of furniture, and love to decorate (and redecorate) my apartments, and find the furniture categories very frustrating…especially Ornaments!

    Even if it was extra work, I would love to classify my own furniture and wardrobe and I think I lot of users would. Sony could offer users to use the Default settings for the Wardrobe and Furniture, or for users to make their own own categories (with an option to reset to default, of course).

    I hope Sony will address this in the near future.


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