HomeStation Presents: Caption This Picture #12

by Olivia_Allin, HSM team photographer

Let me preface this by saying I love Jersquall.

I don’t mean that in a romantic sense. But to me, he is the sweetest, nicest person I have ever met in Home. He has a heart that is truly bigger than average. Not to mention he’s a lot of fun to play with on Battlefield 3. I simply cannot say enough kind words about him.

When he retired from the HCV program, it was as if Home came to the end of an era. No one in the community has been as dedicated to making Home a fun place for everyone for as long as Jers has, and he has more than earned his right to retire from being as highly active Home social scene as he was.

So what is Jers doing in his retirement? Well, my friend, Sue, who is now in charge of putting the HomeCast together, decided to pay him a little visit. Only he asked her to show up in a rather peculiar outfit. Which she did. And now an image of this meeting is the basis of this installment of “Caption This.”

What do you suppose is going on here? Just remember, keep it to a PG level, please!

September 23rd, 2012 by | 14 comments
Olivia_Allin is a team writer, photographer, model, curator, graphic artist, researcher and comic relief for HomeStation Magazine; she lives in Texas with her boyfriend, and Home is more than just a game to her. Years ago she discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. On weekends, to let off steam, she participate in full-contact origami. She saw a Bigfoot once, made a sound you never want to hear twice, and was so proud of her Special Olympics gold medal that she had it bronzed. She is, in her own words, adorkable.


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14 Responses to “HomeStation Presents: Caption This Picture #12”

  1. I have nothing funny to say.

    But Jerquall! Surely you can think of something.

    That’s not me talking, Sue. It’s the poster saying that.

    How’d he get in this picture, Jer?

    How do I know? Ready for the Runway shoot, Sue?

    Sigh… yes, I’m ready Jer.

    Get it? How’d he get in this picture? Then talking about a photography shoot? Hey Joanna! It’s a pun. That’s not half bad is it?

    It’s real bad, Kid. And don’t put me in your captions anymore. K?

    OK, Joanna. :(

  2. MsLiZa says:

    King Midas has certainly had his hands full!

  3. MsLiZa says:

    Caption #2…

    Notice the optical illusion here. If you stare at this picture long enough, you will eventually spot Jersquall sitting there.

  4. Olivia_Allin says:

    Jers: Hey Sue… You know how to scare a bee?…

  5. Burbie52 says:

    Stop staring at my you know whats Jers!
    I’m not Sue I swear! I was just wondering, how did you get into that outfit?

  6. Burbie52 says:

    Sue, aren’t you worried that the neighbors might have a telescope?
    Not really, I have my back to them anyway.
    Okay that is true, but not everyone is a “top” lover you know.

  7. KLCgame says:

    Jers: Its a cane in my hand and diamonds falling outta my pockets I swear ;).

  8. Olivia_Allin says:

    Jers: Nom nom nom

  9. Olivia_Allin says:

    Sue: I have been blessed
    Jers: I’ll say…. Your cups runith over!

  10. Susan says:

    SUE: ” How many time do I have to tell will not polish your cane..geez.some guys..”

  11. Bobsfed says:

    “I thought you said to dress casual for this party?”

  12. Jersquall says:

    That was a night! 😀 Thank you Oli for the fun caption. You’re all crazy! :-)


  13. karen1 says:

    Hey Jers, that pic tells a lot of tails about you sweetie..You can’t seem to get your eyes off of what you are looking at, at eye level they seem to have you
    Good to see ya
    Good “Picture This” Olivia

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