Go Magical on a Budget

by Kassadee_Marie, HSM team writer

October is coming, as is Halloween; a magical time of year. There are fantastic – and affordable – ways you can bring that magic to Home.

The least expensive personal estate on Home, which sells for a mere pittance, is the Wizard’s Den. With a ancient tower setting of two stories and a dragon motif, this estate is very versatile, yet it costs only $1.99. It makes a great place for a small Halloween party with the addition of music or scary sound effects, a few good friends in costumes, and some games to play such as the Brimstone Poker table and/or the skull-themed pool table or dart game from VEEMEE.

It’s also very easy to turn this dark and moody personal estate into a Goth space with the addition of some dark furniture, such as the Gothic bundle from Konami, which includes seven large items for $3.99, and the right accessories, such as the reward items from the Uncharted game and the ruby and emerald skull rewards from Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove. In addition, with its dragon theme, this space is quite suitable for a magical fantasy setting. Here are some ideas that will help you become a sorcerer or sorceress without the need to conjure too many gold pieces.

This estate is the perfect setting for a wizard of either gender who practices magic and consorts with dragons. There are a lot of interesting details in this stone-walled space. For instance, as you enter on the first floor, you see three giant arches adorned with six immense scaled and fanged dragon lanterns, and a large, golden cauldron with a band of arcane etchings, which is suspended over a fiery pit in the floor. There are four steps leading down to the area near the cauldron, and symbols are carved into the floor here. High above you, through the partially-open domed wood ceiling, you can see the night sky, adrift with clouds. Huge banners hang from this ceiling and almost seem to ripple in a breeze.

To decorate and continue the dragon theme, the large Singe statue for $1.99 from the Dragon’s Lair from Digital Leisure would fit in well here, or maybe you would prefer a few of the dragon statues from SCE bundle for $.49 each (or $.25 for the red one). You can pick up the bundle of all six for $2.49, by the way.

The upper floor has a circular balcony with another small area with an arcane symbol (not a pentagram) inscribed in the floor. This area is suitable for furnishings such as the Halloween Cauldron which was a reward item last year. The Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom by Lockwood, if you have that seasonal item, or the Paris Old Cauldron for $.99 from Sony Originals would also fit in well here.

There is also a spacious room upstairs, with a larger version of the same arcane symbol carved into the floor. This room could be set up as your alchemical laboratory with the addition of a few shelves holding mysterious-looking objects and eldritch artifacts, such as the Paris Crystal Ball for $.99, also from Sony Originals. Check your rewards for items like the Phurba dagger from the Uncharted Village or the skull candle from Midway 2 (Miz Fortune prize #6) or one of the elixirs from the Irem cave or the human soul doll from the blow dart game in Edo Village. The Gothic Manor reward goblet would look great here. Vases, candles and odd-shaped articles would suit the atmosphere here, too. Disgaea sells small, colorful pyramids for $.99 each, and the clear one would look rather mysterious in this space.

Recently several developers have presented us with some Medieval items that fit in well with a sorcery theme, such as the Medieval Banquet packs from VEEMEE or the furniture packs from Heavy Water. If you have a friend with the new Avalon Keep, be sure to visit there often and pick up the furniture items from the built-in gift machine, which would look very suitable in this space.

The costume store has the perfect outfit for this theme, in Home originals. The Paris Fantasy Costume Bundle is offered in male and female versions. These floor-length, dark maroon-colored outfits are richly detailed in gold and come with headpieces well suited to this motif. The male version is a floor-length robe and the female version is a floor-length gown. Both outfits are $2.99 for five pieces, including the headdress and shoes. That’s only $.60 per piece, and has everything you need except a sorcerer’s wand. The conjurer’s wand that was free from the Lockwood gift machine for awhile, or any of the free sparklers, would make an acceptable wand. You may also have the reward snowflake staff given out at Christmas in 2010, or the Swan Wand from Lockwood, either of which would make for a very interesting look.

Any wizard needs a companion dragon to show his or her power over the greatest of the mythological beasts, and several of these are offered for sale on Home. I recommend Salvador the Dragon for $1.99 from Lockwood’s Fool Throttle line for a serious look. Vane, the cockatrice, is also on sale there and would also make an great companion, as it shoots flames from its mouth. It is offered at the same price. You may prefer the companion dragon, Singe, for $2.99 from Digital Leisure’s Dragon’s Lair, however, for a more comical look.

If you own the Novus Prime stereo, it would be a outstanding musical addition to this estate, due to its somewhat eerie sound. However, since it has a sci-fi look, you may want to tuck it away in a dark corner or behind another object. This item can be picked up for $1.99 in the Music Store.

One of the definitions of “magical” is mysteriously enchanting. A magical appearance in a magical setting can be easily accomplished on Home, which is a rather magical place already, when you think about it.


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Home is endlessly entertaining to this California girl. Kassadee has been in Home for about four years, and loves almost everything about it (with a few notable exceptions). She spends way too much money there, and perhaps too much time... Someday she will travel the world and write about the people she meets and the places she sees.


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3 Responses to “Go Magical on a Budget”

  1. deuce_for2 says:

    I have to plug my creation “The Mysterious Doll”. It is a couple years old, but creepy. I hope they update it so it takes up less slots.

    • Burbie52 says:

      Yes and it is very creepy too Deuce. I haven’t got much in the way of horror stuff in Home. but I love how you figure out these things Kass. Great job as always.

    • Kassadee Marie says:

      You should know that the first time that doll “jumped out” at me I almost swallowed my tongue and I made a noise like eeeekkkarghhmurphhh.

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