Finding Love in Home

by mnmsgin, HSM guest contributor

Many people say that finding love in Home is impossible. In fact, I was one of them when I first started. What with all the trolls and perverts, finding love is definitely hard — but not entirely impossible.

I am living proof that love can be found on Home.

My story starts when this new-to-Home girl was sitting at the beach (specifically, IREM’s Seaside of Memories). I came to Home to meet new people. After a run of bad luck, I was just about to give up on finding anyone that wasn’t interested in only one thing. Then, as I was getting ready to leave, a nice-looking gentleman approached me and asked me what I was doing sitting alone on the beach. I told him I was trying to find people my own age to talk to, but that I wasn’t having any luck.

This gentleman told me that he was friends with people I would like, and he wanted me to meet them. He asked me to be friends. So I befriended him. This gentleman, Cougre, took me to a space that I never would have gone to on my own. The space, Novus Prime, was the first video game that I have ever played. There was a lot that I needed to learn. Coug taught me how to play the game and then asked, “Would you like to meet some friends of mine?”

Of course, I said yes.

It was exactly what I was looking for: people that were around my age. As the days went on, Cougre and I were often found in the main lobby at Novus, while he showed me the ropes. One day, Coug said, “There’s someone you have to meet. He’s the co-founder of the club that I’m in.”

By this time I was starting to actually like the game, so meeting more of the people that Coug hung out with seemed like the thing to do. Later that night Coug’s friend, Dr_Do-Little came on-line and joined us at Novus. I finally met the man that Coug had been talking about for so long.

That night the three of us flew sorties and began to talk in-between missions. I was only an airman at this time, but they both asked me if I would like to join the club that Doc and Willows41 started at Novus Prime: the Black Hat Squad. I asked the two of them if there was anything special I needed to do to be part of the club.

Doc replied that there were three requirements.

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • You must hold the rank of Captain.
  • You need to have the Black Hat.

Well, I don’t consider myself to be a jerk, but as far as being a Captain or having a black hat, I had neither. I was working hard to earn the rank, but it was a slow process.
Finally on August 13th, 2011, I made Captain. That day, Coug was so proud to see the girl that he trained, that had never played a video game, became a captain. Coug again asked me if I wanted in.

“Yes,” I replied, “but I don’t have a black hat.”

Coug laughed. “Follow me to the place where we met and you will be able to find one.”

We went back to the beach, and he showed me where to go out under the water to find the hat. This was not an easy thing to do, because it was a random prize that didn’t show up very often. I wanted to be part of the club so badly that I stayed and went looking every fifteen minutes when the prize reset. After a while, someone told me that if you leave and come back the timer starts over, and the prize would reset right away. So that’s exactly what I did. For three hours.

And finally, I received the black hat.

By this time it was late, and no one was online for me to tell. So I waited until morning when I knew Coug would be back on. I was flying at Novus Prime when Coug signed in and found me there. I showed him that I received the hat. And later that night, when Doc came on, we all were at Novus — and that’s when they asked me to officially join the club.

At this point I was happy to have found people that I could talk and hang out with. We were becoming a close group of friends. When I signed on, I would look right away to see if either of them was on. The club started to grow, and I felt good about being part of this group of people.

I started to grow closer to Doc. We would often talk outside of the group at Novus. I would get tingles when I saw Doc sign on. One day, I got a message that Doc was not going to be on for a while; he had things that he needed to take care of outside of Home. I stayed at Novus with the new and growing club. I was often seen at Novus with the Black Hat Squad. It was then that I was introduced to Willows41, the other co-founder of the club. We all became really good friends; flying and hanging out every day.

One day, Coug came on and told us that Doc had sent him an e-mail, saying he was going to be returning to Home very soon. I was so happy to hear that Doc was coming back to Home. A month without speaking to him was tough. The day came that Doc returned, and we were all at Novus Prime awaiting him. To my surprise, Doc came and spent time with me alone.

By this time my feelings for Doc had grown to the point that if I didn’t see him every day, my day just wasn’t complete. We started spending more and more time together alone. Finally, one day, Doc asked me something I would have never thought I would have heard from him.

That fateful day was November 5th, 2011. We exchanged rings in Home.

We were never very far apart after that. In December, we planned a real-life meeting. I would be traveling to meet him and stay with him for two weeks. As the time approached, the nerves and doubt set in. Is this really happening? Am I traveling to another country to meet a guy I met on the internet?  However, realized that I spent every minute that Doc was online with him; we video chatted every day, then called each other to say good night (not like the chat room was good enough).

So was I sure? Yes!

We planned that I would leave my house on February 5th, and I would get to Doc on the 6th. I traveled by bus, and with layovers it took just over thirty hours.

I knew the trip was worth it when I first saw Doc. He ran across six lanes of traffic just to get to me and give me a hug. When I was in Doc’s arms for that first time, I knew I found the man I’d been looking for my whole life.

We now live together in Quebec, and are planning our real-world wedding for early 2013. We have our good friend Cougre, along with PlayStation Home, to thank for all of this.

It can happen.

September 28th, 2012 by | 19 comments
mnmsgin is a member of Novus Prime's Black Hat Squad and a guest contributor to HomeStation Magazine. A mother of two, she presently resides in Wisconsin.


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19 Responses to “Finding Love in Home”

  1. Godzprototype says:

    It can happen. Knowing you two, you are just right together. I am happy for you both, and wish you all the best. Great article Gin!

  2. karen1 says:

    I was wondering when a feel good story about two people who met on home was going to finally appear in HSMagazine. I’m so glad it is my online daughter who has found love on Home..Some may call this idea stupid but a lot of us believe in it because we are real people behind our avatars with real feelings.

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus aka: Love, on Home.

    Great read and great article hun good job and thanks for letting people know “It can happen”.

    • NorseGamer says:

      As a note, this actually isn’t the first Home love story we’ve published in HSM.

      Sure is a fantastic read, though, isn’t it?

      Thanks for submitting this to HomeStation, mnmsgin; congratulations to you and Dr_Do-Little, and I think it’s safe to say that our readers would enjoy seeing more of your byline on our front page!

  3. Jellia says:

    I loved your story so very happy for you Gin. I have met another young couple that married and had a baby who are extremely happy. Yes it can happen…

  4. Dr_Do-Little says:

    Hmmm who is that guy? I think I better watch him 😉

  5. Sky715762 says:

    I once fell in love with a girl I befriended on PSN…
    Her name was Holly. She was my best friend for 4 years, until one day we gave it a go on being together. We stayed together for so long.. but we were too young to actually meet in real life, and she wanted me so badly… so we ended up breaking up for her own happiness. I loved her so much, I only wanted her to be happy, and I couldn’t bear see her upset like that, so we peacefully broke up.
    Although we’re only friends now, our friendship is as strong as any relationship ever will be.

  6. Burbie52 says:

    What a wonderful story of chance meeting and love. I think you are going to be very happy because you got to truly know one another before the physical nature of love was allowed to interfere with the depth that love needs to have to succeed. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and I wish you both the very best in life.

  7. mnmsgin says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. I never thought this would have gotten this response. But I think we all are happy when a happy story comes from Home.

  8. Everyone at Hellfire Games wishes you both the best! It’s really humbling for us to have played a small part in such a happy event. :)

  9. FEMAELSTROM says:

    Very good story. I too met a wonderful woman through Burbie’s Gray Gamers, (here’s a shout out to my Mae) and I know every aspect you are talking about. I feel that same want to meet and we are planning to meet, and that want to always talk to each other and share our love and lives. I know it can happen and I have seen it in my walk as well as the walk of others. I know A couple, who got matching names, are now together and I have seen the two grow so very close. Very beautiful article and congrats at finding that elusive love, and once you and those around you get past the ‘online’ romance question, you realize that here we are really in love with the pure person before image or appearance can get in the way as it were. Great write and thanks for sharing a wonderful story.

  10. Lightningcc says:

    What a wonderful story! Everyone you meet on Home is a real person and this story really puts a great connection to that!

  11. karen1 says:

    Wow what a response from your story Gin, the comments are great..Love stories are a wonderful uplifting and hope giving thing for a lot of us here on home.
    I would like to appologize to HSM for missing the other love stories that have been printed here..I missed them and will seek them out.
    As I stated earlier, we are real people behind our avatars with real feelings. Like Burbie52 stated, PSH gives us the opportunity to get to know people for who and what they are inside not just based on looks. It’s not easy and we may have to kiss many toads but somewhere here there is someone for each of us who want it, we just have to be willing to open up and share ourselves. I am pleased to be a part of your life as your and Doc’s love has unfolded.
    PSH is truely a great place to be. Our friendships are truely cherished and real, our loves are real.

  12. cougre says:

    Nicely done Gin. It brought back a lot of memories reading through your article. I’m so happy that things have worked out so well between you and Doc.

    I think your article also serves as an excellent example of what can happen when someone reaches out with the right attitude. Just look at what was set in motion because of that chance meeting at the beach.

    As the early American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, “… the only way to have a friend is to be a friend.”

  13. JoyceHairhelmet says:

    What a great story-congratulations to you both! :)

  14. mnmsgin says:

    Here’s an update on Doc and I. We were married in real life on October 31,2013.

    • Vicki Downs says:

      This is wonderful news and encouraging as I too have found love in Novus and although we are half a world away and it seems impossible at the moment we know we will one day be together in flesh as we now are in spirit and soul. We spend every spare minute on Skype and gaming at the same time, its wonderful as we had both given up on love.
      So thank you for your story Gin

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