by Godzprototype, HSM filmmaker

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

This is a lot like making a film, so it would seem.

Home has begun to come around to the stage where anyone who cares to express a dream now can. Dreaming is one part of a whole that makes us who we are. Most excellent filmmakers see these ideas expressed in some way in their minds eye. I could name so many of which went on to entertain us with that vision.

Something I have been after in Home for a long time is flight. When I sleep at night, I fly in my dreams. It’s usually after something good has happened to me during the day. I fly. In my dreams I  envision myself, with a certain amount of concentration, lifting off the ground and flying. It would seem to me that once I have made the divide from the ground the rest is natural. I do this as often as I can. In part, I find Home to be a little bit of the substance that is dreaming.

In another recurrent dream, there is a landscape that seems to keep its shape, though the features of that landscape change according to whatever may be on my mind before I go to sleep. Still, the landscape is the same. I remember these things and places because I enjoy that they are there at all. Especially because they are recurring, and with that I have an advantage in knowing that landscape.

Finally…there is flight in Home.

In what Juggernaut has made, they give us the elegance of flight. When there is a fluid motion in something like Home, it can make those that love to imagine end up doing just that. While there may still be a problem with a particular item that would allow us to do this in any personal space, I will be looking forward to its arrival.

The Palace of the Seven Winds is beautiful, and certainly headed the right direction. It’s full of innovation. I can’t think of a better way of beginning something as profound as flight than by starting it off with an Arabian Nights beginning. Those were good stories!

Flying equals freedom, or at least some form of it. The new nDreams locomotion items available which are associated with flight are more for filming, I can imagine. You are still bound by gravity with them. Though they do let your feet off the ground. For a filmmaker this is a very cool feature, and I would hope to see what other creative minds are up to with it. I will be using it, for sure. I bought them all. Today, Home is at a point where it feels like it’s coming into its own, and developers are probably happy with the greater level of tools they have access to today, compared to years past.

Flying is a big step forward for Home. Some people who wanted these experiences in an MMO setting play DC Universe to get them. The time for these particular abilities is now. I see a lot of my friends playing DCU a lot. Personally, I never could get past the 12GB download to go there — not because I couldn’t, but just because I knew that wasn’t the only thing I had to download to play the game. But the ability to do something you can’t ordinarily do is desirable. I do enjoy being in Home, and have been patiently waiting on this one thing.

Today, I got to fly without feeling like I might be doing something wrong in Home! Today I got to have a race with a friend in the lotus position. Today I did a cannonball in a pool in the sky. When I dream tonight…it will be of what I can do with what I have been given for my daydreams.

And now that I know the landscape, I will be confident in what happens in that dream. Thank you and congratulations to Juggernaut and nDreams for these efforts. Home will be that much more of an experience to any newcomer. And as a filmmaker, I am looking forward to creating new cinematic experiences with the tools we now have — a continuation of the work I began when Hellfire Games offered Home’s first version of antigravity locomotion.

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Godzprototype is learning the art of creating Machinima, and would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy.



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8 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Bayern_1867 says:

    Beautifully expressed. As to the Seven Winds space: so far almost all I’ve done when I go is fly. What else? well, a few cannonballs into the pool … but it’s a magical space and flying seems natural there. Wonderful!

  2. Jersquall says:

    Really loved the video! :)

    • riff says:

      Jer- it is so good to see you! I hope that life is treating you well and that we get to see one of your articles soon :)

  3. Burbie52 says:

    I always love your videos Godz, keep at it. I rarely remember my dreams as I once told you. Home is a great way to live them out though because of all the variety in it. Where else can you fly, live as a millionaire or build your own house from scratch? It has all the capabilities it needs to fulfill many people’s fantasy life now, but I still look forward to what it may bring in the future to us. Love the article, well done as always.

  4. mnmsgin says:

    Bill you have done it again. I am speechless. That is not an easy thing to do. (ask Doc) lol
    The movie is amazing as usual and the article talks about something that is awesome to see in Home. I would often go to my Novus Prime quarters just so I could fly around. Can’t wait to see what your working on now.

  5. FEMAELSTROM says:

    Godz, great film, and as always you put more depth into it that one could think to. I love the flight ability. Personally I am surprised I haven’t seen more people with it, and even more to my surprise:I haven’t seen anyone with wings fly. Just people with club clothes or fire. I like to float in my sith lord suit, it just lookes evil, LOL. But flight does seem to be a thing that many people would love to do it seems from the idea of dreams. I too have had flight dreams, at least for the dreams i can vaguely recall, does that say something about me? Hmm. Great article and I too am so glad we can fly, plus, it is faster than our standard walk, so there’s a plus.

  6. jellia says:

    Most enjoyable article and video Bill. Your talents amaze me keep flying. I love flying around Seven Winds with my friend(s). Now just waiting on that special orb to let us fly in all our personal spaces joy, joy, joy!!!!

  7. riff says:

    Bill -you are a true artist of this media. I love to see what you capture. It is not just music and image- it is a moment. You make a moment come alive, full of mood and emotion. It is visual poetry. I too dream of flying… it is strange but when I awake from a dream of flight I always feel relaxed and refreshed as if while I have been sleeping my soul has somehow rejuvenated itself. It is a delight to be able to do this on PSH and -to leap fantastically to the realm of another world…

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