Aurora Blimps Are Coming

by Kassadee Marie, HSM team writer

Aurora keeps on evolving and bringing us back, time after time. That’s an outstanding idea, and perhaps even a necessary one in Home, where people’s interests can change very rapidly, and the spotlight is always shifting to something new.

Updates to public spaces by their respective developers are really appreciated by most people; nDreams has just recently announced that Aurora 1.6 will be here for us, and — most notably — there will be blimps!

It’s been awhile since nDreams last updated Aurora, but these updates — the changes and the additions — take time, and they’ve been very busy with Blueprint:Home as well as the new F.U.B.A.R. (Fight Until Blood And Ruin) game you may have heard a little about, as well as many other projects they have in the making – short term and long term. Some of these projects they’ve been working on are additions and modifications to Aurora 1.6 itself, as well as the relocation of some of the existing favorite Aurora games to make space for the new games.

When you first arrive at Aurora after the update, you will see colorful little objects flying high above you in the cloudy blue sky. Those are blimps, and you and your friends will now be able to take to the skies of Aurora yourselves. There you can play a game of tag with 32 people — quite a large game for Home — each in your very own blimp. Very generously, you are given a free blimp when you start playing this game for the first time, but you are also able to purchase other blimps from the nDreams Aurora store. These blimps have different design styles and they also have better maneuverability, which will help you avoid being tagged while you’re playing the game. You will also be rewarded with Aurora experience points if you do purchase your own blimp; this will help you level up faster and reach level 100 sooner, in order to receive the Aurora Champion Apartment. This personal space is fun, and it’s unique, although in the Aurora style, and best of all, it’s free.

nDreams also announced that this is just the beginning for this game, because they also want to hear from the Home community to help shape how the Blimps game evolves over time. Here’s your chance to suggest what you would like to see in future updates of this game and help improve the gaming experience for every one. You can provide them with your feedback by email (, on Twitter (@nDreams) or on their Facebook page, which I hope you have “liked”.

(By the way, I think a bright blue blimp with a golden sun on either side would be a hit; I know I’d buy it. Yeah, I’m wishlisting. Shush.)

At Aurora, you will notice that the floating islands where both the Espionage 9 and Los Penguini Brothers games were located are now no longer dedicated to them. But do not fear; these interesting and enjoyable games aren’t gone at all; they have just been moved. They’ve been brought together with the table for Blueprint:Home on one of the islands. That’s going to one busy little island in my opinion, and a fun place to be!

On the island where Espionage 9 was located, you will then find a re-locater that will take you directly into the F.U.B.A.R. game when it’s released. Little is publicly known about this new game at this time, but nDreams does say this in the trailer:

“Start preparing yourselves. The time will come when you must stand up and be counted…To achieve peace, wars must be fought…Ironic really…”

This looks to be another smash hit game for nDreams.

As they have announced for weeks upon arrival to Aurora, the Collect-o-Rama will shortly be removed, so if you want to obtain those unique rewards, make sure you finish the objectives before that happens. You can received these limited-edition rewards for visits to Aurora, a few activities like dancing in costume, nDreams items that you own now or can purchase, and by playing fun games at the Xi Museum public space. Included in the rewards are a colorful long-sleeved shirt, an orange nDreams cube, the original flying donut (chocolate!), a bunny ears helmet and two unique robot companions, one of which spins and shoots out red rays. Check for the complete rules and a list of rewards right there at the Collect-O-Rama. It’s actually quite a simple game.

Finally, but not at all least, nDreams promises if possible to keep the wait shorter for Aurora 1.7 and they are providing hints of the changes that we will see with that update already.

nDreams states: “How about some new Trap-O-Matic rewards, or just maybe, the chance to smash beyond level 100…”

I’m looking forward to all these changes and trying out the new games as they arrive, as well as continuing to collect orbs on a daily basis. I’m also glad they didn’t remove the old favorites that we still enjoy playing, like the Peguini Brothers game.

I love to see public spaces update and evolve into something new but still seem familiar to us. Now we also have the opportunity to help make changes in a game on Home. nDreams is one of the third-party developers that really cares about Home and their customers, and I support them; I hope you do as well.

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Home is endlessly entertaining to this California girl. Kassadee has been in Home for about four years, and loves almost everything about it (with a few notable exceptions). She spends way too much money there, and perhaps too much time... Someday she will travel the world and write about the people she meets and the places she sees.


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