Aurora 1.6

by BONZO, HSM Editor

It has been a while, and we have waited patiently.

It’s not as if nDreams has been standing still, doing nothing; they’ve been busy as bees, bringing us some very cool updates. The continuously underrated Blueprint:Home, Street Moves and the hints of F.U.B.A.R. indicate Aurora wasn’t the only project on the pipeline. Honestly, I can’t remember when Aurora 1.5 went live, but shortly thereafter, I reached the level cap, and since then I haven’t had much reason to return other than to check the Trap-o-matic. It was a bit sad; I missed having the orb hunting game to return to. It gave me a purpose in that space, which was to reach level one-hundred.

There were hints of new changes coming to Aurora, and the nDreams news letter just released a major sneak peek at what is coming soon with 1.6 and what the future may hold for 1.7. One of the most significant changes is the reallocation of the islands. Those floating platforms you teleport to through those warp gates. Los Penguini Brothers and Espionage 9 will be consolidated to one island, with the Blueprint:Home table. Espionage 9 island will be dedicated to the F.U.B.A.R. game, from which you can relocate directly to the game when it is released.

A new game finds its way to Aurora. Blimps, will allow you for the first time to fly in Aurora. It is essentially a game of tag, with up to 32 people. You are gifted a free blimp for the game, but you will have the option to upgrade by purchasing different Blimps. What is the benefit of purchasing one? Different designs, enhancement to maneuverability to evade someone looking to tag you. When purchasing a new blimp you will also earn a reward of Aurora XP if you are still working on reaching level one hundred and the coveted Champion Apartment.

Interesting to note that Blimps may see upgrades in the future, nDreams wants to hear from you and allow community input to help shape the evolution of Blimps. You can comment on this game via nDream’s twitter, and facebook which are @nDreamers and

The Xi Museum portal island is seeing a dramatic change. On the video it shows a big pagoda-style building, with other cubic structures. It is gray and it is unclear if it is still untextured or if the gray finish is the final texture. Under the pagoda a tunnel has a glowing orb, which may be some sort of transport method to somewhere else. Could this hint to an Asian-style game nDreams is developing? They did after all bring us ninjas and a little warrior companion. It hints at something, but unclear still as to what that something is. The newsletter talks about the changes coming for Aurora 1.6 but also hints at the changes coming to 1.7 which is already in the works.

What could possibly make its way on the following update? No guarantees of course, since I’m speculating, but hopefully new rewards to the Trap-0-matic machine, and — just maybe — a raise of the Aurora level cap. If you haven’t reached level one-hundred, get on it — because it may not be the final level to reach for. How can nDreams top the epic reward it introduced in the Champion Apartment? That is unclear, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

If you haven’t acquired the collect-o-rama rewards you may want to jump on that if you want them, because they will be leaving soon. nDreams is making major changes to this space and those rewards will soon bid a farewell to the Home user.

Aurora Island has seen some of the most dramatic changes of any public space I can think of, short of being completely replaced like the Central Plaza. The Hub and Pier Park see seasonal changes, but haven’t seen the consistent level of progressive changes to their core like the Aurora space has. One of the striking elements of this space for me, personally, is the analogy represented in design features to being a living organism. For example: off in the distance you see cephalopod-like tentacles; the main hub where you deposit your orbs after collecting them is in the hollow of a giant tree which you are feeding with orbs, and the trap-o-matic itself is a giant satyr-like leg that squirms. There’s quite a lot going on here, if you look carefully.

There’s a level of ingenuity and creativity here that is surreal, whimsical and mystical. The expanding and growing elements of the island give this space so much dynamic charm that you look forward to the next update, because you wonder just what they will do next. What new things will be introduced, and what new features you can enjoy.

This growing organic element is an emulation of the entirety of Home itself. Home grows and changes constantly, and Aurora Island has been one of the perpetually changing spaces since it launched. It is the other end of the rabbit hole in Home, and when Home itself is a rabbit hole from reality, it just warps your mind when you consider the many layers of depth you can dive into from one space to another. There’s a lot of mystery to this island, and in this hint at a Pagoda on the Xi Museum warp island, it hints further at future expansive updating that ensures we have not seen the end of this space just yet. Aurora Island continues to be a perpetual work in progress.

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BONZO is an editor and artist for HomeStation Magazine.



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One Response to “Aurora 1.6”

  1. karen1 says:

    Yes Aurora is one of the best locations to visit and play. I did win the Championship home and it is a wonderfully visually stimulating space well worth the work we did go earn it. I too eagerly await all the updates you spoke of. I want more reasons to keep comming back to Aurora.
    Great article and loved reading about all the changes and possible future updates to come.

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