Aurora 1.6 – A Contrast In Content

by Burbie52, HSM team writer

nDreams has done it again.

They are once again upgrading their Aurora public space. And, with the upgrade is coming an interesting contrast in the games being introduced.  These games are coming from the opposite ends of the spectrum from what I have seen, and it is going to be very interesting to see which one takes our hard earned dollars when they are both implemented.

To be honest, I have never been one to hang out at Aurora, as so many others do. As I stated in a recent article, their inclusion of the Trap-O-Matic is what spurred my interest, and I have since made progress in my orb collecting as well, as I go back periodically to check the trap. I figured I might as well run the orbs, since I am there already. But with the outpouring of content in the past few weeks, including nDreams’ own Blueprint:Home, I haven’t gone back much, even to look at the trap. I have simply been too busy doing other things.

I think that is about to change though, because nDreams is now adding blimps to their repertoire of games, and I must say it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a chase game, like tag. Everyone gets a free starter blimp, of course, and up to thirty-two people can play at once. That sounds like chaos in the skies above Aurora, and a lot of fun to boot.

There will be different blimps to buy, and the purchase of an upgraded blimp will add the ability to earn Aurora experience points, to help you in your quest for level 100 and the coveted Aurora Champion Apartment. That is the aspect of the game I find most interesting, because frankly I am kind of tired of chasing Orbs. I am very happy to see that they are giving us a new, fun option for experience collecting, even if it costs a bit. The main difference is that this isn’t a single-player game like Orb Runner and the other games here — it is multi-player, and therefore should be a much more engaging experience for the long haul.

The game itself appears to be simple. There seems to be a timer involved, as well as a gauge that might be a hit or tag meter. Perhaps you are tagged more than once before elimination. The blimps you can buy offer better maneuverability to get away from other players. Once people start buying those, and the arms race sets in, this is going to get to be a very interesting game.

The other game that will be connected to this upgrade hasn’t been released yet. It’s called F.U.B.A.R., otherwise known as Fight Until Blood And Ruin. There is a whole new area being dedicated to this game, which looks like a stone town.

The name tells us that this is a fighting game of some sort, though nDreams is being very secretive about the details of gameplay until the official release. This apparently warlike game stands in sharp contrast to the whimsical nature of much of the public space and the new blimp game. It is an interesting mix, and a gutsy move for nDreams.

The public Aurora space is getting a new facelift as well in this update. The Los Penguini Brothers and Espionage 9 games, which are currently on separate islands, are being put together with Blueprint on single island. This opens up space for F.U.B.A.R., on a dedicated island, where there will be a relocating portal that will take you directly to the game once it is released. They are removing the Collect-A-Rama game as well when this happens, so be sure to get working on those rewards if you want them.

nDreams is asking for input from the community on this update, and especially on the Blimps game. They are asking people to contact them about upgrades and improvements they might like to see on their twitter feed at @nDreamers Twitter or on Facebook, to give feedback.

The 1.7 upgrade of Aurora is being hinted at as well. nDreams has mentioned that a level cap above one hundred is a possibility. This is a very smart move if it is true, because it will bring old users who have reached the top level back with a vengeance. And now they will have the new Blimps game to give them an XP boost. The new game will enhance experience, as well as nDreams’ pocketbook, as these dedicated users return.

The other thing being rumored is that nDreams will be bringing this next upgrade fairly quickly, and adding new rewards to the Trap-O-Matic as well. This is another smart move, since that game is what brought me and many others like me back to Aurora to play.

Here is a video to give you an idea what is in store for us in the 1.6 upgrade:

With massive new technological capabilities being introduced in Home, along with major new content, I hope that people will stand up and take note of this upgrade. nDreams has brought us Blueprint, Locomotion, and now a new version of Aurora in quick succession over the past few weeks. I think that all of the hard work and dedication to the Home community that nDreams has displayed deserves a big thumbs up from the users. I don’t know about you, but I will probably be buying that blimp.

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Burbie52 is a 62 year-old published author and founder of the Grey Gamers group within Home. Born and raised in Michigan, she has lived there her entire life, with the exception of a twelve-year residency on the Big Island of Hawaii. She enjoys reading and writing, as well as video games, especially RPG's. She has one son in his twenties.


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